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Gaia Environment's core business is in developing, marketing and supplying carbon offsets and RECs developed from various technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, biomass, landfill gas-to-energy, energy efficiency, forestry and others. We help each carbon and renewable energy project maximise its financial potential, as well as help businesses and organizations reduce their carbon footprints in a timely and cost effective manner.

With an expert team that understands the complex market conditions, regulations and expectations of the clients, we have got your needs and requirements well covered from both demand and supply side. We also assist businesses and organizations in implementing appropriate environmental solutions across different geographic landscape and overcoming any corresponding regulatory limitations.

For Corporate Businesses & Individuals


Businesses aiming to achieve carbon neutrality can neutralise carbon footprint using the equivalent volume of carbon offset credits. We provide CER, VER, Gold Standard VER, Gold Standard CER, J Credits and credits with add-on ecolabels from various project types from all over the world to fulfil different demands. Did you know that many of carbon projects make impact for sustainable development of less fortunate part of the world?

Recommended for:

  • CDP
  • CSR
  • Events
  • LEED

RENEWABLE ENERGY CERTIFICATE, also known as Energy Attribute Certificate

Businesses committed to low carbon emission can achieve their goal by utilising RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). RECs can be used for Scope 2 accounting. RECs track renewable energy in different regions and certify the use of renewable energy. We provide GOs, I-RECs/TIGRs, RECs, JCredits/Green Power Certificates to assist the organizations to achieve the zero- emission ambition. We are also a licensed seller of the EKOenergy label; you can now look for RECs affixed with EKOenergy to guarantee that renewable electricity generation adheres to the strictest environment criteria.

Recommended for:

  • RE100
  • CDP
  • SBT
  • LEED


To offset carbon footprint, carbon emissions need to be measured first.

We are able to offer professional carbon footprint assessment services, which provide a comprehensive breakdown of your emissions from different sources in your operations. Additionally, we can conduct specific market research upon request, to help provide a clearer overview of existing environmental commodities market situation.

For Project Owners & Developers


If you have a carbon or renewable energy project that is already registered and actively generating carbon credits or RECs, we would love to hear from you.

We have well-developed industry relationships with various market players and end users who constantly have demands for our products. Our team can help match your projects with these interested parties. Coupled with our understanding of carbon and RECs market situations, we are confident of marketing and selling your credits and RECs at excellent price points.

We also place huge emphasis on working with project owners and developers in flexible ways, including the structing of purchase agreements, depending on the needs of the project.


Are you wondering if your project is eligible to generate carbon credits or RECs and how to quantify them? Gaia has your dilemma covered, as we offer consulting services to carbon reduction and renewable energy project developers to help maximize your project’s value.

We are able to :

  • Determine carbon offset and REC market opportunities for projects of all types, sizes and geographical locations.
  • Assess the REC and VER value of your projects based on market outlook.
  • Advise on how to best position your projects under the existing carbon and REC market rules and standards.


Do you need help navigating through the carbon and RECs market? For owners and developers who have decided to get your projects into the carbon and RECs market, we have the resources and expertise to help you manage your projects in the registries. As a registered member in various registries such as Verra, GS, I-REC, APX, CDM, we have the flexibility to register carbon-reducing and renewable projects and devices to our own accounts for a pain-free transaction experience.

We offer :

  • Clear guidance throughout the entire project registration process in the registries, including project validation and/or verification procedures to meet industry-accepted standards.
  • Branding and marketing of carbon credits and RECs.
  • Transfer, sale, issuance and retirement of carbon credits and RECs in the registries on your behalf.


Whether you have an existing carbon or renewable energy project, or a project that is in pipeline, we are able to assist you in attracting investors and securing financial capital. Through our extensive market presence and connections, we have excellent access to reliable and competitive key funding sources that are open to investing in carbon and energy projects. Our teams are well-connected and maintain close relationships with major commercial financial institutions, syndicates and players in key markets we cover to fund your projects.

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VER Credits
Add-on Ecolabels
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